We offer a free 30­ minute consultation for each client and then help determine which package would be a fit, or whether a custom quote would better meet their needs.

We have packages focusing on:

Crisis Planning, Emergency Management, Single Issues, Emergency Management, and Ongoing Issue Management (retainer based).

Contact us for package details, and to find out how we can help.

As we begin to help a client, we will work with them to determine the nature of the situation, and how developed it has become.

  • Nothing is happening, situation is normal. Now is the ideal time to put a crisis communications plan in place for future issues.

  • An issue has come up and communications about it will be delicate: the news may be awkward, embarrassing, or may have legal implications or risks, yet the communication must be graceful, simple, and easily understood.

  • Something is brewing: there are rumours, rumblings, or other indications of a likely threat.

  • A crisis situation is imminent, but the organization has very short notice to prepare messages and communications. For example, the organization receives notice of an arrest, a lawsuit or government action that hasn’t yet been made public.

  • Full blown, currently active crisis: all of the organization’s key audiences need communications ASAP.