About Libba

Libba Letton works with a diverse range of clients who’ve used her communication skills in crisis management, helping them prepare, predict and respond to threats to their organizations. Libba’s years of hands­-on experience allow her to develop strategies quickly and set the direction for communications with the media, employees, shareholders, donors, volunteers, and the general public.

"I provide crucial perspective about how clients will be perceived by their most important audiences. I show them what messages their audiences will respond to positively, and how to deliver those communications in a way that preserves their brand and their relationships."

Libba’s experience extends to:

  • Business continuity / network outages
  • Catastrophic events / natural disasters
  • Data privacy and security
  • Executive changes
  • Financial crises, corruption, and malfeasance
  • Government and regulatory investigations
  • Legislative actions
  • Labor disputes
  • Litigation
  • Manufacturing and quality assurance / product recalls
  • Online reputation monitoring and management
  • Public and human health
  • Special interest group attacks
  • Supply chain risk
  • Sustainability and environmental challenges
  • Workforce reductions

Libba also addresses crisis preparedness, working with her clients to develop plans, making sure they are ready when the unexpected happens. From leading executive media trainings to running rapid response efforts, Libba makes sure her clients either avoid, or minimize and respond to, their worst-case scenarios.

Libba has worked in public relations for more than 20 years across a number of industries, including pharmaceuticals, high tech, public transportation, energy, and the food retail industry. Libba lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, two young sons and a fluctuating number of cats. In her spare time she likes traveling, reading, practicing French, embroidery, and eating tacos.